Dzejlana Karaman Pasic (1991., Sarajevo, BiH) is a multidisciplinary artist with a master’s degree from the Academy of fine arts Sarajevo (graduated in 2016.).The range of artistic techniques and media she’s dealing with is very diverse. She is specialized in illustration, concept art, painting, recycling, visual arts and performance.

She has received numerous awards and recognitions in the field of illustration and painting. The latest recognition is the Collegium Artisticum Award for new media and installation (2023.). She had three solo exhibitions. Her illustrations were published in the anthology book “Two centuries of caricature in Yugoslavia”, by author Goran Maravic. Apart from illustrating and creating children’s books, Dzejlana is also a creator of the Olense, a handmade mirror brand based in Sarajevo.

In her work she often uses materials that have stopped serving their primary, i.e. consumer function, such as wire, rope, lace, table cloth, and other recycled materials. Her recent activities show a strong inclination towards creating large sculptures and working in space. By unifying surface, structure and space, at her latest solo exhibition, Dzejlana achieved a unique scenography-like atmosphere. Following the conviction that the true nature of the human personality is freedom, the author invites the viewer with her own artistic expressions to dive into a dreamy, imaginary world where the spiritual and the sublime merge with the everyday. In other words, she creates what her inner being tells her, and that is what is in the domain of the transcendent, the invisible. She finds the answers in her being, deep in her (sub)consciousness, in the metaphysical, transcendent, sensory dimension.